Content Update

Hi everyone

We are very excited to finally release our first content update for Wartile. It has taken us a bit longer than we anticipated, but we believe it’s a solid update, and one which will add more content while also improving the overall quality of the game.

The highlight of this content update is The Rescue battle board that introduces a new stealth oriented gameplay experience requiring you to plan and execute some swift attacks to avoid triggering an alarm thus compromising your mission. To accomplish this a correct figurine lineup and well assembled card deck will make a big difference on the battlefield.

We hope that this update will be well received and can ensure you that the next update is in full production. Please spend a few moments to give us your feedback about the game and the update here in the steam community or through the Detailed Feedback link when exiting the game.

The update also contains many other enhancements and improvements based on all the community feedback we have been receiving, please refer to the patch notes below for the full overview.

Patch notes

Tears of Eir (Tutorial)

  • Tutorial now includes additional tutorial elements.
  • Explanation of unit targeting and how to change target attack
  • Explanation of godly and tactical cards
  • Explanation of battle points
  • Explanation of unit ability cards
  • Tutorial includes a secondary object “It’s a Trap”, that unlocks the “Trap” tactical card.
  • Units on first difficulty has been nerfed slightly

Lost Norse

  • Secondary objective “Destroy the Boats” now unlocks a new godly card: “Curse of Old Age” (!!! Missing art)
  • Ancient Leader and Ancient Norse now includes a small surprise on death.
  • The cave no longer contains a trap to find and pick up. (see Tears of Eir changes)


  • Hillside has been made significantly easier on first difficulty. It was really hard to start with.
  • Secondary objective “War Rings” now unlocks new godly card “Heimdallr’s Vigil”)
  • “War Rings” objective has seen various changes
  • Rings now drop from “Heidrun Leaders”
  • Heidrun Leaders has been moved around
  • “Warhorn” objective has seen various changes
  • Objective is now called “Gjallarhorn”
  • The objective has been moved into the final cave.


  • Completing Coastline now also unlocks Strength of Magni Godly Card

New Coastline by Night

  • Added new coastline battle board variation called “Kings Favor”. This features a new stealth-like mechanic that will challenge players timing and tactical skills.


  • Godly/Tactical and Unit Ability cards has been adjusted to reduce clipping through the terrain.

Ability Cards

All player figurines now have unique abilities.

Warrior Leader (Guy with yellow hair)

  • Ability 1: Shield Bash
  • Ability 2 (New): Banner: Places a banner on a free tile that buffs nearby friendly units attack and defense skill.
  • Ability 3 (New): Armor Break: Perform a violent attack that significantly debuffs defense skill and armor for the duration.

Norse Hunter (Guy with no hair)

  • Ability 1 (New): Taunt: Will make all enemy units in range target this unit with their attacks for the duration. In addition they receive a minor defense debuff.
  • Ability 2: Shield Wall
  • Ability 3: Shield Push

Spearman of the South

  • Ability 1: Immobilize
  • Ability 2 (New): Action Surge: The spearman reduces his movement cooldown significantly and increases movement range. In addition, he receives a minor bonus to attack speed.
  • Ability 3 (New): Spear Wall: The spearman focuses on a tile, attacking and pushing back any unit that steps onto that tile. This deals a massive amount of damage.

Brute of the Wolf Clan

  • Ability 1: Kick to the Groin
  • Ability 2: Forceful Attack
  • Ability 3 (New): Wrath of Idunn: The brute cannot die for 15 seconds and heals a minor amount of health of the duration.

Godly & Tactical Cards

  • New card: “Heimdallr’s Vigil”: Gives a major defensive bonus to a target figurine.
  • New card: “Curse of Old Age”: Target figurine fall to sleep for 8 seconds.
  • New card: “King’s Favor”: Summons a viking warrior to help you for a while.

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