Wartile has just left Early Access!

Hi Everyone

After years of developing, iterating, testing, changing, listening and polishing we are finally ready to push Wartile out of the nest and see if it can fly by itself. Wartile on Steam

Sometimes it has felt like an impossible and endless endeavor to reach the quality level that we aimed for, but luckily we have made most of this journey together with our community and early access players who have contributed with valuable feedback, inspiring and helping us to keep on going and focus on the right features.

With today’s release, we are delighted with the result and hope everyone can now immerse themselves in WARTILE’s rich, Norse mythology-inspired narrative and awaken their inner Viking!

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of something bigger as we would love to see the Wartile universe expanded with new fantastic stories, themes and realms.

Oh, and we have made a rather significant update aimed to make Wartile a bigger, better and sharper experience but to keep this announcement short and precise we will stay with the headlines.

More Story!

As requested by nearly everyone, we have been adding a deeper world story and narrative, and while it’s still heavily focused on the world and its gods and mysteries, it also aims to enforce the overall progression of the game.


Your Warband now earns reputation points that can be measured against the different battle boards tiers, helping you to identify their difficulty. It serves to guide and should not be considered a rule.

Unique Items

Lots of unique weapons and magical items have been added to the world, and they are all for your taking. From the Campaign board, all the spoils and loot from each battle board can be viewed before venturing further.

Renaming Figurines

Curry Days Forever or Mashee the meticulous, whatever matches your fantasy hero character. You now have the ability to rename your figurines to your own liking!

Overall polish of the UI

A general, all-around update of the UI has now made it much better and more beautiful. We know that the UI has not been the strength of the game and we hope these improvements will help.

Fixed tons of bugs

Hundreds more than there are Draug in Lost Norse or Evil spirits at Alfablot, and they just seem to rise in an endless stream to hunt us. But thanks to the QA team at DECK13, we are victorious. Should you, however, meet one, please report it to us in the steam forum 🙂

Left is only to wish everyone good luck on their dangerous journey into a world ruled by selfish men and restless gods in your quest to reveal the secrets of Midgard and beyond.

We are still around and very keen on hearing your feedback and ideas, so please don’t hesitate to use the forum.


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    Any eta for mobile / Android?
    I’d love this!

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