Soft launch of the upcoming update, the PrePatch 1.1

Hi everyone

We are back, and excited to announce that the major update that we have been working on for months now is almost ready to be released.

With this new update, we have made some significant changes that improve not only the tactical aspect of the game but also affect the overall game experience.

Before announcing the official release of the update, we would like to invite those of you interested, to try out the new build and provide us with your feedback. Your opinion is essential for us in evaluating the design and direction of Wartile.

To provide your feedback, we have created two new pinned threads in the Steam Community Forum named Bug reporting PrePatch 1.1 and a Feedback on PrePatch 1.1

If you prefer not to use the Steam forum you are welcome to mail your feedback to us at however this prevent other players to see your feedback and share their experience.

If you want to be an early mover and try out the update and you can find the Beta build in the Wartile – properties Betas.

As we have rewritten the whole story in Wartile, we highly recommend to play the Beta as New Game, but if you want to save your current progress you need to make a copy of your current DefaultSaveSlot, you can find a tutorial on how to do so further down.

How to find the Beta

In your library find right-click wartile and select properties from the drop down menu

In Wartile – Properties select “Betas.” In the window “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” choose “Beta.” Now your Library should start to update to the new build, and once the update has is installed, you should be ready to go.

How to backup your DefaultSaveSlot

If you want to try out a New Game but don’t want to lose your current save game you can find your DefaultSaveSlot here:

Rename it to something else; then the game will create a new DefaultSaveSlot when you start a New Game.

If you want to swap back to your old Save Game, rename the Saved Game file that you want to play, back to DefaultSaveSlot, and it will load when you press resume game.

Maybe keep a safety copy just in case: we cannot guarantee that everything works perfectly fine just yet.

Troublesome yes we know we are working on the possibility to choose among several Save Games.

Please keep in mind that during the next week well will be tweaking the Beta build based on your feedback and our observations with the build; however, we do not expect there to be any significant changes.

Patch Notes 1.1:

A new story

We are excited to introduce a whole new story for Wartile now narrated by an voice actor who did an awesome job of bringing the now story alive.

Game Play Changes

New Encounter system

Our new encounter system is a new interesting way of presenting enemies on the battle board. Instead of a dynamic AI that moves around the board as you play, we have combined the enemy encounters into small static parties that becomes alive when you enter their encounter zones as you explore the board.

Figurine Ability Warning system

  • Abilities are now visually shown in the UI with an icon and a “casting time” when used.
  • Abilities can have “casting time” allowing to react and break the casting time
  • Casting time has been added to the majority of enemy abilities (to give counterplay options)
  • Moving enemy functionality to abilities such as spirit teleport, Volva teleport, etc.
  • Also, ability special effects have received an overhaul; changing to something that should be easier to parse visually.

Three types of abilities

  • Instant cast and effect – Player can’t interrupt or avoid the effect
  • Delayed cast with instant effect – Player can interrupt and avoid the effect
  • Instant cast but delayed effect – Player can’t interrupt but maybe move to avoid the effect

Updates to difficulty tiers and enemy encounters

In an effort to make increase the enjoyment of playing the difficulty tiers we have updated some of the enemy encounters with new abilities.

BB2v1 Volva of Death

  • Increased her number of abilities and made her into a more boss fight experience.
  • Added a new spearman officer with “bear trap” ability BB2v2 Volva of the Forest
  • Teleport is now an interruptible ability and gave it additional poison effect
  • Spirit teleport is now an interruptible ability

Changes to Waypoints

  • Waypoints will now respawn your dead figurines.

Near Death warnings

  • When figurines die the first time, they’re reduced to 1 hp
  • Time slows down for a short while to allow the player to react
  • After happening, this incurs a 30-second cooldown before it can happen again

Bear traps

  • Bear traps now occasionally emit some smoke to give away their presence


Ability and Action Cards

  • Unit Ability and Action cards have a new feedback method for targeting and use that should make the use of cards more responsive.
  • The Cooldown icon is now displayed on the top right corner of the cards and is grayed out when on Cooldown.


Unlocking difficulty tiers

  • Secondary objectives are no longer required to unlock higher difficulties. New UI feedback has been added to show if a player has completed all objectives or only the primary.

The Tavern

  • Figurines are now always shown in the shop, allowing the player to preview figurines that will become available during the game.

Changes to the Battle Boards

  • New cutscenes introducing critical points in the story
  • In connection with the changed narrative the Battle Board Home Village a new tutorial map has been added.
  • BB1v1 Goat objective has been slightly changed (Goat is picked up from the tutorial map)
  • Battle Board 1v3 has been added as a small outro map in connection with the story update.

(Prologue Board The home village)

  • Updated the tutorial to reveal the various items and hints on the fly.

Alfablot Board

  • Moved some of the groups around. In particular, the “greater spirit” is moved to less frustrating positions.
  • Moved the save point up to allow saving just before the final two encounters
  • Changes to spirit/ Volva teleports (allows the player to interrupt the cast time more clearly)
  • Added path after early loot point to facilitate traversal
  • Added path to flank the final fight
  • Added entrance to Yggdrasil (but you can’t enter it.. 🙂 )


  • Many of the fights are converted to ambushes using the new encounter system.


  • Gamepads are now supported
  • Game also slow down when hovering action and ability cards
  • Merchant algorithm for selection of items has changed to provide more relevant items


We hope that these improvements are well received as we have putten a lot of effort to enhance the overall player experience in Wartile.

Kind regards

The Wartile dev team


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