“As an unrecognized lord, you rise through the feudal hierarchy at any means necessary until the only thing left between you and the crown of the kingdom is the king himself.”

Game is under development

Successor have now been under development for around one year with an aimed release early 2021.

All visual material is to illustrate our creative direction and inspiration and does not represent the final result. Furthermore, will gameplay and story parts most likely change as our development moves forward.


Successor is a real time with pause strategy game about building up a small war party of local heroes to conquer regions through exploration and strategic decision-making, set in a modern rogue-lite setting where every move matters.

Everything is put together as a procedural framework, with regular updates, and community-based events offer endless replay ability.

The Kingdom

World Map

To reach the King’s Castle, you must fight your way through regions loyal to the Crown. Each region offers different Biomes and is populated with various factions.


“Each region will present the player with a procedural generated map divided into territories that are waiting to be explored. Enemies lurk around the map and carry treasure in the form of artifacts, new units, or information to be obtained.”

Playable Lords

Lord Koenig

Lord Augustus

Lady Gwenn

Local Heroes

 Any region has its fair amount of local heroes with a personal calling, dedicated to making a change in one way or another. Finding and persuading the correct type of heroes to join your curse will prove very advantageous.

Battle Boards


Boards are partly randomly generated with layout combinations, unit types and placement.

Caves & Towers

Boards also contain indoor environments such as inside castles, towers, or deep underground caves.


When ready to challenge a faction stronghold, you must fight your way into their throne hall and defeat the boss.