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WARTILE Launches on Steam Early Access

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Hi fellow Wartile Warriors

I hope you are ready to loot and plunder the spoils of the world, at least the world of Wartile. As a team we are extremely proud to have reached this huge milestone and are happy to be able to share it with all you guys.

Visit the Wartile Store Page


Since our last update we have been focusing on getting as many new features into the game as possible, before the Early Access, while also focusing on stability and accessibility. We have not succeeded 100% in all areas, but we will be spending some energy in the upcoming weeks, to improve the accessibility and communication in the game.

Lets take a look at some of the new features.

Ingame_CampaignBoardThe Campaign board
We have made a big art overhaul on the Campaign board, granting each section (figurine customization, figurine collection, card deck and the new Tavern, its own little box, with a fitting background. It’s a great improvement but still far from done.

HighresScreenshot00135Unlock-able difficulty stages
Each battle board now unlock up two new difficulty levels. These difficulty levels should offer the player a steep change in difficulty and I most cases better stats and equipment is needed to complete the higher levels.

The Norse Tavern
In the tavern, you can now view all the unlocked figurines during your play and if you have the gold to pay them and the fame to impress them you can hire them to your collection of Vikings. Changes to the item setup in the customization section.

Relics / Way points
The relics placed around the maps can now be used to save your progress on the map. If dying later on board, you can choose to load your progress from that way point instead of restarting the whole mission.

Story Cards & Objectives
Most story parts have been changed and we will introduce the main objectives with the main theme “Spoils of the world”. At a later stage, we plan to make unique story strings (objectives) that will lead you through different battle boards, in a effort to complete it.

Also to mention some other updates.

  • New viking skins for the new tribes that will be introduced shortly
  • The armory had a big art upgrade, and changes to its setup.
  • Added a new tactical Card, The Bear Trap.
  • Added new animations to the figurines
  • AI units can now also use special abilities.
  • Major optimization pass on the Lost Norse battle board
  • Introduced the Unique items, such as the Skull of Norse.

And a great deal of other stuff…


We hope that you will enjoy all the new content at we hope you enjoy it.

Have a nice weekend everybody.

Best regards

The Wartile Team


Wartile Launches on Early Access on Steam March 17th

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EADate2_BannerHi Wartile Warriors

It’s with great pleasure and excitement that we finally can announce Wartile Early Access launch date on Steam to March 17th. With now 3 years of development the team are proud and happy. that we have come such a long way and now fell confident to launch Wartile on Early Access.

Feedback from the community have been a huge help for us in locating and prioritize our battles in the game design, but also in how to design features to come. We would like to share some of the feedback with you. In the 0.4.4 update many players felt frustrated by the combat mechanics and the cooldown system locking down figurines. With the This was changed and navigation of the figurines during combat got much more fluent and the reception was very positive.

Wartile_BB_LostNorse_ZoomOn Difficulty we raised the bar significantly throughout all Battle Boards and that shows on the feedback. Still the majority welcomed the change as a step in the right direction, with a few who voiced their fear of it getting to hard too enjoy the story.

HowHardIsItKnowing that most of you guys love a real challenge and realizing that life as a Viking was no dance on roses, we are currently implementing difficulty levels on each battle board that will unlock when you have completed all objectives on the board. This new level contain more trained enemies and additional encounters, but will also offer you the chance to unlock some unique equipment. The new Board difficulty levels will not break it for those who are just looking for a great experience, but don’t want to die trying.


From our latest Closed Alpha round we asked our players where they would like to see the next improvements.


For the next update we will introduce many new features to Wartile, as the pie chart above states, there is a desire for more playable content, deeper combat and customization. To highlight what we are working on here is a short summary, we will be going into details when we are just about the release the updates, as we work very iterative on each feature. Just now we are working on adding a Shop where you will be able to spend all the loot you earn. The first thing you will be able to buy is figurine classes, that you can bring with you into battle. Second we are introducing Enemy abilities adding more depth to the combat. Something that was highly requested by the Community. We have started adding Board difficulty levels that can be unlocked by completing all objectives, something that greatly will increase the single player content with a challenging experience and new rewards. We are also bringing in new Warrior and Spearman versions with their own abilities and different stats. We are also updating the whole story in a effort to add more local lore and story to each battle board. We hope that these new features will be well received.

steam_logoAs always, If you have questions, comments or feedback, you are welcome to visit the Steam Community Hub for a more direct dialog with us or the Community.

For the next newsletter update we will focus a bit on each Figurine class and how combining their attributes and abilities in the battle matters.

Kind regards

The Wartile Team






Wartile November Newsletter

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Hi Everyone and welcome to our November Newsletter.

Everyday that passes, Wartile grows in content, features, polish and community. Seeing the growing interest in this project is a tremendous motivation for keep going, improving adding and optimizing everything we have built up so far and we can’t wait to share it all with you. We still have a lot of work to do on Wartile, but we think its almost time to share the game with those of you who want to be an active part of its development.

Link to the Newsletter

First a big thanks to all of you of you who have been part of the Closed Alpha and provided us with detailed feedback and exit ratings. It helps us to better understand your game experience and prioritize our attention on features that matters to you.

With the next major update, we focus on the multiplayer experience, introducing a better quick match system and friend invites. So, if you want to give your friends an honest beating make sure they sign up to the Closed Alpha and make sure to tell us about your (hopefully) winning experience afterwards.

Since our last newsletter we have created a lot of new content and tweaked many features. Here is just to mention a few.

  • Two new Battle boards set in an isolated dystopic swamp
  • Figurines can now level up, unlocking stats and new ability cards
  • Deeper caves have been added to the Hillside Battle board
  • Changes to all encounters on all Battle boards to increase difficulty
  • Possible to navigate with keyboard
  • Added new godly and tactical cards
  • New figurine ability cards

Please notice that most updates wont go live before our next update in a weeks time!


steam_logoIf you have questions, comments or feedback, you are welcome to visit the Steam Community Hub for a more direct dialog with us or the Community. The Steam group already have 1.677 members, and we try to answer any questions as fast as possible.


zaxisWe are also happy to announce that we have received founding from Zaxis ApS. This allow us to further develop and polish Wartile before going early access on Steam. Zaxis ApS is also behind Zaxis games who are producing Fimbul The Jotun Child, another really cool Viking game.


This was all for now, we are looking forward to bring you more news about our next big update in a weeks time, until then .. have fun everyone and we hope to see you in-game.

Best regards

Michael Rud

CEO & Creative Director










NG16 Logo

Wartile will be a Nordic Game 2016

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Thanks to our good friends at Epic Games, we have a booth at the Unreal Engine stand at Nordic Games. There you will be able to check out a demo of Wartile and have a friendly chat with us. We will be joined by other talented Unreal Engine developers you can check out here.

For the NG16 Indie day we have been nominated for the
 Indie Sensation Award. This is a great honor for us and it also means you will be able to find an extra demo of Wartile in this section. Cross your fingers for us!
We are looking forward to seeing you all at NG16.
ComicCon Malmö

Comic Con Malmö

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Thanks to everyone at Comic Con Malmö for the warm reception and a fun weekend. We really enjoyed showing our game and we gathered a lot of inspiration from the comments and feedback we got. So for now it is back to work so we can make Wartile even more awesome for the next people who try it out.